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JOSH: Finally Emerging from SCarowinds’ Monster Goop…

It is Friday, November 2, 2012. I am writing this from my day job, eager to leave to go to tonight’s concert in Charlotte. This is also the first entry in the “Tatter-tales” blog. Anyway, what do I need to write about? What would keep your interest as I spew sentence after sentence about a band that is relatively unknown? To answer those questions, I don’t know. Maybe we will get the ball rolling with what we, Tattermask, plan on doing in the not-so-distant future. As per many requests, we are planning on returning to the studio and perhaps releasing a 4 or 5 song E.P. As with everything, it requires a serious amount of $$ to get a professional product out on the market. We have thought about holding a cover art contest with a cash prize for the winner. This EP would also contain our 2012 version of “No More,” which is currently unavailable. 
Starting immediately, we are also looking to film more Tattermask Webisodes. The current ones that we have posted on YouTube have had a decent response, and we always have a reaction to what our non-standard brains tend to spew out. We are looking to introduce another character in our next webisode who will be a recurring character throughout our series. We are also going to tie up a few loose ends that occurred in between seasons one and two. So, please look out and give us feedback on our future and current episodes. 
As for when and where you can see Tattermask perform live, we are working on that as well. Performing live is what makes us really love making music and we are looking forward to performing more as well as expanding our show radius to the southeastern region instead of just the Carolinas. All of these things depend on you, our fans. The more you show your interest and your support, the more we will give back. Be it concerts, webisodes, merch, or new albums and singles, we will make it worth your while. Now, as I close this blog entry out and prepare for tonight’s show, I just want to say “Thank You” for your continued support and we hope to keep you entertained.


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